In the summer of 2009, I embarked on a backpacking adventure from my home outside New York City to the Adirondacks in upstate New York. Leaving home on June 10, I first hiked the Long Path, a nearly 400-mile hiking trail that extends from Fort Lee, NJ, to Altamont, NY. After arriving in Altamont on July 6, I spent three days making my way to Northville, NY, the start of the 130-mile Northville-Placid Trail. I left Northville on July 15 and arrived in Lake Placid on July 22. I had originally hoped to hike the 46 Adirondack high peaks upon completing the Northville-Placid Trail. My journey ended on July 29, after I had climbed 14 of the high peaks.

It is difficult for me to explain in words what the trip meant for me. All I can say is that it was an amazing experience. I didn't finish exactly what I had originally planned, but I am satisfied with what I have gained from the trip—the lessons I learned and the people I met. This trip is finished, but for me it's just the beginning. I know I will return to the trail, wherever it may lead.

I'm very grateful to the late Martin Dale and his family, who endowed a grant that supported my summer, as well as all the trail maintainers (some of whom I was lucky enough to cross paths with during my hike!) who have devoted countless hours to the trails.

During my trip, I wrote daily journal entries and took many photos, all of which remains on this site in (roughly) chronological order. I hope you enjoy them.

Jacob Aronson