July 9

Start: Galway, NY
End: Northville, NY
Mileage: 12

I started walking this morning, but after a few hours a decided to try and hitch a ride to Northville. I just kind of felt tired of walking on roads, and figured if I hitched I could get to Northville before the post office closed (so I could pick up my box of supplies, clean clothes, etc.). The road wasn't that busy, and after 20 minutes a guy stopped for me. I forgot his name, but he was on his way through Northville to go camping with his wife.

He dropped me off in town at the Stewart's Shop. I've run across Stewart's Shops in nearly every town I've been through - Wurtsboro, Kerhonkson, Middleburgh, Altamont, Rotterdam, Galway, Northville. They are gas stations with mini-marts and ice cream, and they're all over New York. I could survive just by stopping at Stewart's Stores to use their phone and bathroom and to buy ice cream and basic food for resupply.

Anyway, Northville is not as big of a town as I had expected. It has a small Main Street with a few restaurants, a supermarket, and a few tourist shops. I'm taking a few days rest here, before I start the Northville-Placid Trail. After going through towns and on roads for the past few days, I actually feel ready to start hiking tomorrow. But I've already booked a non-cancellable room.

So I met more trail angels today. While I was walking through town with my backpack and boxes from the post office, I met a woman named Kiri who was out biking. She asked me if I was doing a project or hiking and we spoke for a while. She said her fiance, Marcus, had thru-hiked the Appalchian Trail a few years ago. Then she invited me to dinner tonight. Marcus and Kiri had been invited to have dinner at a family's home just a few blocks away, and she insisted that I come with.

So later tonight she stopped by to get me, and I had a lovely dinner with Kiri, Marcus, and the Fordyce family. They were so nice to open their home to me, and they were very low-key about it; they acted like it was nothing to set another place at the table for a stranger whom one of their guests had met on the street and invited along. After dinner they all went to a ballroom dancing class, and I went for a walk along Sacandaga Lake.

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