July 21

Start: Hidden Cove Lean-To
End: Duck Hole Lean-To
Mileage: 22

Another good day. Now that I don't have any more towns to distract me, I'm back to hiking 22 miles a day.

The family from last night didn't have a good stay at the lean-to. Apparently the mosquitos kept them up all night. This morning they all looked tired and ready to go home. The kids' faces were covered in mosquito bites. The packed up the boat and left to go home by 8:30. Again, I'm glad to have slept in my tent, safe from mosquitos all night.

I crossed paths with a few people on the trail today. I also met a forest ranger at a lean-to where I stopped for lunch. He was just out on patrol and we spoke for a few minutes.

A light rain started around 5:00, so I tried to hurry to the lean-to. I got here a little after 6. There are two lean-tos here. There were two guys at the one I came to, Ken and Kurtis. They were brothers and looked about my age. They set up their tent when they arrived here at 2:00, and had spent the afternoon reading and playing cards in the lean-to. They were hiking about half the trail together over 5 days. It seemed like they were having a good time, though they didn't talk to each other that much. We all sat in the lean-to taking shelter from the rain and then made dinner.

I went over to check out the other lean-to and found it full of people's stuff. They had left everything out as if they were going away for five minutes, but Ken said they hadn't seen anybody since they got there. Around 8:00, a group of six boys came in. It seemed like a camp group. They had done a day hike to climb some nearby high peaks. None of them brought rain gear, so they were all soaking wet and seemed pretty miserable. On top of that, it was almost dark and they were returning to the lean-to to find much of their stuff wet. I didn't really feel bad for them, because they should've been more prepared.

I decided to sleep in the lean-to because I didn't want to get my tent wet, and it looks like the rain has kept of the mosquitos. I built up a small fire earlier and now I'm watching the coals glowing in the mist, listening to the water flowing over a dam. It's very peaceful.

Tomorrow I finish the Northville-Placid Trail. I'll have spent seven days hiking it. Overall it's been a nice trail, with lots of people. The only downside is the mud and swamps and beaver dams that flood the trail. Still, I've enjoyed it.

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