July 2

Start: Nickerson's Campground
End: West Fulton, NY
Mileage: 16

Today my dad and brother came to visit. It's so nice to see them. They picked me up from the post office in West Fulton and we drove a half hour to Cobleskill, which is the closest city with a hotel.

I'm now in some very rural areas of New York. I had agreed to meet my dad at the West Fulton post office, because we figured that would be an easy to find place. Well, that's all there is in West Fulton. Literally! No store, no restaurant, no gas station. There's just a post office and a firehouse.

The road walks up here have been very pleasant, because they're on quiet roads along farms.

This morning I passed by a visitor's center for the New York Power Authority. There was a very impressive set of exhibits about generating electricity and related stuff. There's a big hydroelectric dam nearby.

Next to the visitor's center was Lansing Manor, an old home from the early 1800s that was restored and turned into a museum. It's also owned by the NY Power Authority, and I got a quick tour of the house when I stopped by.

The weather today alternated several times between downpours and being very hot and sunny.

It's really nice to spend the night at a hotel. Before going to bed I took a bath with epsom salt, which felt really nice.

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