July 16

Start: Hamilton Lake Stream Lean-To
End: Piseco
Mileage: 9

So I'm staying at a motel tonight in Piseco. I'm not really happy at myself for doing so, but I figured it might make me feel better. In fact, I don't mind the camping part, but I guess it was a good idea to take it easy today.

I got to Piseco by 10:00. The town itself doesn't have much besides a post office, a general store, the motel, and a restaurant. And they're all spread out. I walked two miles to the post office, only to backtrack those two miles to the motel. I had a long lunch along Oxbow Lake, then got a room and took a nap.

Then I had dinner, watched a little TV (for some reason it only got one channel), and now I'm going to sleep. A pretty uneventful day.

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