July 10-14

I had planned to take a few days off the trail in Northville as a rest halfway through my trip (one month down, one month to go). I took some of this time off to visit my grandparents in Milwaukee. I will get back on the trail (and start the Northville-Placid Trail) on Wednesday.

I had a long trip to the airpot from Northville, involving two taxis and a bus, which made for a full day of traveling. Thankfully my brother picked me up from the airport and drove me back to Northville.

I had a very nice stay at the bed and breakfast in Northville. The owners, Ray and Doris, are very nice and welcoming people. Doris collects antiques, which decorate the house. Ray told me lots of stories about when he would go hiking in the Adirondacks with his dad.

During breakfast, I spoke to a couple who is also staying there. I forgot their names, but they were from New Mexico. It turned out the husband is a Princeton alum (I think Class of '64 - "from the unenlightened days when they didn't accept women," he said). I don't think he had a great time there, and he said he never went back for reunions. The wife said she was working on section-hiking the Continental Divide Trail (a 2,500-mile trail from Mexico to Canada). Their daughter thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail a few years ago, and the wife had joined her for the entire Virginia section.

My time in Northville was actually rather boring. I miss life on the trail! There's not much to do in town. I've gone walking along the lake, and I took care of resupplying for my next week of hiking. On Fridays there is a farmer's market in town, so I thought I would go and get stuff for a picnic lunch in the
park. But there were only a few vendors there selling flowers and honey. None of them sold fruit, vegetables, or cheese, so I had to go get my picnic food at the supermarket.

The weather has been really nice (except for a three-hour thunderstorm on Saturday), which made me jealous I wasn't hiking in the sunny, dry weather. Hopefully July's good weather will continue once I'm back on the trail.

So, I start the Northville-Placid Trail on Wednesday. Might be able to send blog updates on Saturday if I can find a phone, otherwise it'll have to wait until I get to Lake Placid the following Wednesday. I'll be in more of a wilderness setting than the Long Path, but it should also be more popular than the Long Path.

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