June 21

Start: Wurtsboro, NY
End: Roosa Gap State Forest
Mileage: 10

It rained all day yesterday, when I was resupplying and doing errands, so I was happy to wake up to sunny skies this morning. The only problem was I didn't want to leave! I was so busy doing stuff in town yesterday that I didn't have much time to relax. Although it was nice to give my body a rest.

I left town around noon and got back on the trail. It wasn't as early as I wouldv'e liked, but I've found that I'm slow leaving towns to get back on the trail. I soon reached the intersection of the Shawangunk Ridge Trail and the Long Path. The SRT just connects the AT to the Long Path, and it ended at that intersection. So I'm back on the Long Path!

It was very hot and buggy today. I probably drank 10 liters of water. Most of the day was walking north along the Shawangunk Ridge. At some points there were some excellent views. I could see hills to the east
and west, the Catskills (looking very intimidating) to the north, and Bashakill and even High Point Monument to the south (it looked so small, perched atop the Kittatinny Ridge).

Around 6 I descended from the rocky ridge and found a really nice place to camp. I'm in a state forest so I'm camping legally tonight. And it turns out I camped legally on Thusday night as well.

I passed through one area today where a fire had been recently. The earth was charred and the trees were burned. Some small scrub had begun to grow in, so I think the fire was probably last year.

Forest fires are a part of nature, often started by lightning. And yet humans try to prevent and stop them. Sometimes it's to protect property and homes, but oftentimes I think it's to preserve the ideal of what we consider a forest, or nature. A burned area just isn't aesthetically appealling to us. I wonder if there are any measurable ecological effects of humans trying to prevent forest fires.

It's 8:30 and the sun's still out, but I'm tired and going to bed. My pack, although it was full of food, felt pretty comfortable today, even though it's really heavy to pick up. Once it's on my back it feels fine. I guess my body is finally adjusted to it.

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  1. Jacob! I'm off to Paris later today, so I might not get to your next entries for a few days. I hope the weather is good to you and helps keep you in a cheery mood throughout the hike!

    Yesterday was my last paid day in young-labs and I forgot to ask K if she knows about your trip or not. I guess I'll e-mail her to make sure. Have fun!