June 19-20

Start: near Shin Hollow Road, on SRT
End: Wurtsboro
Mileage: 14

I forgot to mention, I got off the AT without a trail name. I was hoping I would've gotten one, but I wasn't on the AT for that long. Maybe I'll get one later on my trip, but probably not. Oh well.

I'm writing this post on Friday and Saturday. I got to Wurtsboro Firday and am spending all of Saturday here.

The hike to Wurtsboro went along an abandoned railroad bed through Bashakill Wildlife Management Area. The Bashakill is a river that foods in the spring and summer to form a big wetlands. It's a protected wildlife area by NY state, with a rail-trail running alongside it. I saw lots of wildlife here - contless birds and frogs, two turtles, four snakes, and a racoon (it was climbing a tree).

I take back any complaints I had about crossing streams on the flooded AT in knee-deep water. There was one quarter-mile section in Bashakill where the water flooded the trail. There was no way to avoid it; the water had risen from the wetlands on both sides of the trail. So, for 10 minutes, I was walking through water that was well above my knees. At some points it got up to my waist! And this was dirty, mucky water from the wetlands, not clear water from moutain springs. Of course, my boots weighed 10 pounds after that.

I got into Wurtsboro around 4. It's a cute, small, historic town, named for Maurice Wurts, a businessman and one of the founders of the Delaware and Hudson Canal, wich used to run through Wurtsboro. When I got to town I went to the post office to pick up my mail drops. I had sent two boxes to myself, containing food, new maps, clean clothes, batteries, and various odds and ends. I will mail them ahead to Phoenicia, my next stop, before I leave town.

Then I checked in at the Valley Brook Inn, the only place in town. The woman was happy to see me check in finally; I had changed my reservation three times before. She didn't seem to mind, because she upgraded me to a cottage. It has two beds and a kitchen. Not that I need it, but its still nice.

My grandma and Aunt Sharon planned to come visit me in Wurtsboro, and we spent Friday night and Saturday together. It was great to see them!

I had planned to gets some supplies, including fuel, boots, and hiking poles, at the Catskill Hiking Shack, which is on Sullivan Street (the main street in Wurtsboro), but they had closed down. My grandma and aunt were trail angels and drove me to another store outside of town.

I was also able to do some laundry and upload photos at their hotel - hope you like them! The time went by really fast. I can't believe I have to start hiking again tomorrow (Sunday).

Thanks for everyone's comments and support, both on the blog and in private e-mails...both get sent to me. I really appreciate it and it helps keep me going at times. Next upload should be on Tuesday, if I can find a phone, othewise Friday when I get to Phoenicia.

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  1. Jacob, I'm still in awe of your trek. Glad (and relieved) to hear you're keeping well, despite the rain. It sounds like you're meeting some memorable characters and seeing some pretty cool places. Keep posting stories, please! We're all following them and cheering for you.

    Take care,