Hello, World!

I'm writing this on a PocketMail device, which I'll use to write all my blog entries from the trail. It sends and receives emails by sending modem signals through a phone handset. I think it's pretty cool...you just hold the back of it up to a phone handset, call a toll-freee number, and within a minute it sends your emails. In today's world of Blackberrys and iphones it's somewhat outdated, and my roommates made fun of me for getting it, but it doesn't need to be charged (two AA batteries can last for a month), which is really convenient for me. Setting it up was a fun experience, because they don't make them anymore, so I had to buy one on ebay and then call their customer service (a one-man show in Australia).

I will write journal entries every day, and email them to get posted automatically on the blog when I reach phones, which should be about twice a week. Sorry if there are typos; there's no spellcheck and my fingers aren't used to the mini keyboard.

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